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We agree with Kamala Harris, Trump is unfit for office.

VIA The Sacramento Bee

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump drew criticism Tuesday from California Attorney General and U.S. Sen. candidate Kamala Harris for saying that Judge Gonzalo Curiel has a “conflict of interest” in presiding over the Trump University lawsuit because of his Mexican heritage.

Along with our support, Kamala Harris has picked up some pretty hefty endorsements including President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Chuck Schumer.

21st Century Democrats Endorses Wendy Davis for Texas Governor


(Photo: Facebook/Wendy Davis)

21st Century Democrats proudly endorses Wendy Davis, a true progressive, for governor of Texas. A rising star in the Democratic Party, 21st Century Democrats first endorsed Davis in 2008, when she won her state senate seat.

Davis has proven to be a powerful leader, an inspiring woman and a strong candidate, and 21st Century Democrats stands ready to help her win.

Davis rose to national prominence in June of this year, when she filibustered and protested for 13 hours against Texas Senate Bill 5, which banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and imposed new regulations designed to close clinics. While state Republicans eventually forced passage of the anti-abortion bill in a special session, taking the lead in that crucial fight helped Davis build a strong base from which to launch her campaign for governor of Texas.

A Democrat hasn’t won the Texas governorship since Ann Richards in 1990, but Davis has widespread support, already counting among her donors supporters in all 254 Texas counties. And she is on the right side of the policies — immigration reform, Obamacare and women’s issues — that will drive Election Day turnout among Latino, African-American and women voters.

Read 21st Century Democrats’ full profile of Wendy Davis.

21st Century Dems Endorses Bruce Braley for U.S. Senate

U.S. Senator Tom Harkin with his choice as the next senator representing Iowa, U.S. Representative Bruce Braley.

U.S. Senator Tom Harkin with his choice as the next senator representing Iowa, U.S. Representative Bruce Braley.

Soon after 21st Century Democrats co-founder Tom Harkin announced he wouldn’t run for a sixth term as a U.S. senator representing Iowa, he threw his support behind U.S. Representative Bruce Braley.

“When I was campaigning for Bruce during his first run for Congress in 2006, I knew he was the real thing: a passionate progressive, a natural-born leader. He is someone from humble roots, who, in the time he has been in Congress, has fought for working people and the struggling middle class,” Harkin said.

Progressive Credentials:  While in Congress, Braley has worked hard to advance progressive values, currently at the forefront of combating sexual assaults in the military, championing student loan affordability, opposing Internet censorship and supporting marriage equality.

That record earned Braley 21st Century Democrats’ endorsement, along with endorsements from dozens of other organizations and elected officials.

Since declaring his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, 11 labor organizations have formally backed Braley: the Iowa Teamsters, the United Transportation Union, UAW Region 4, SEIU Iowa – Local 199, AFSCME Iowa Council 61, the Iowa State Council of Machinists, the Operating Engineers Local 234, the State Association of Letter Carriers, the Iowa Postal Workers Union, the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 3 Iowa Union, and the Great Plains Laborers’ District Council.

Braley also earned endorsements from Rep. Dave Loebsack, former Rep. Leonard Boswell, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald and more than 70 Democratic Iowa state legislators.

Working from that solid base of statewide support, the Braley campaign has started strong, touring Iowa to hold meet-and-greets and signing up supporters in all 99 counties. As of the end of the first quarter of 2013, Braley had raised $1.1 million, with more than $1 million cash on hand. So far, Braley has two Republicans opponents who will face off in a primary: David Young, a former staffer for U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, and Matt Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney.

Of course, this isn’t Braley’s first campaign. In 2006, with no prior political experience, he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives, saying he wanted to stand up for middle-class families who didn’t have a voice in Washington. He was re-elected in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

An attorney who put himself through college and law school, Braley began his career by representing factory workers challenging unsafe company policies. That experience grew into a commitment to fight for people who lost their jobs and pensions, and small businesses struggling with government red tape.

Why We Like Him:  Because he made this video:


Candidate Quote:  “I am a proud, patriotic, progressive Democrat. And I am oftentimes afraid, but I am never intimidated.”

Candidate Sites:  To learn more about Bruce Braley, visit his website, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

To support his campaign, please consider making a contribution.



PRESS RELEASE: 21st Century Dems Submits Petition Signed By 10,000 Supporting Barney Frank for Senate


Washington, D.C., Jan. 28, 2013 — 21st Century Democrats today submitted a petition with more than 10,000 signatures to Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, calling on the governor to appoint former congressman Barney Frank to the U.S. Senate.

The Senate will begin its new term debating critical budget issues, including potential cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and we need a progressive champion like Barney Frank there to advocate for us,” said Jennifer Petty, executive director of 21st Century Democrats.

“We represent progressive Democrats, and our supporters are unified in their backing of Barney Frank. We know he is a real progressive champion who has the experience needed to make a difference from day one. Barney Frank will hit the Senate floor running.”

Patrick will appoint an interim senator once U.S. Sen. John Kerry, President Obama’s pick as next secretary of state, resigns his Senate seat. Patrick said he does not want to appoint anyone who intends to run in the special election to replace Kerry. Frank announced he would not run in the special election.

21st Century Democrats, the leading national Democratic organization dedicated to promoting and electing progressive Democrats, submitted the petition with 10,415 signatories to Patrick’s office. It will continue collecting signatures until Patrick announces his decision.

Based in Washington, D.C., 21st Century Democrats is a grassroots-oriented political action committee that endorses and helps elect progressive Democrats. The organization has endorsed more than 325 candidates from 39 states, including 32 current members of Congress. It has trained more than 650 grassroots organizers, contacted over 317,000 voters in 32 states, and won the majority of its endorsed races.For more information, visit 21stCenturyDems.org.




Washington, D.C., Oct. 4, 2012 — 21st Century Democrats, the leading national Democratic organization dedicated to promoting and electing progressive Democrats, announced today its endorsement of nine more candidates in competitive races across the country.

“All of these candidates are locked in close battles, and most of them are also running against Karl Rove and the Koch brothers,” said Jennifer Petty, executive director of 21st Century Democrats.

“One thing I’ve learned over years of campaign cycles is that we are never going to out-raise our Republican opponents, but we do win with strong candidates who voice core values of the progressive agenda, because voters know what will really help working families when they hear it.”

The endorsements are:

Steve Bullock: Montana Governor
Fresh off leading 26 states in the fight against the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock faces GOP Rep. Rick Hill in the state’s gubernatorial race.

Rep. Bob Filner: Mayor of San Diego
Retiring from the U.S. House to run for the Office of Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner’s chances for wresting the San Diego city hall from Republican control – and away from the hands of “San Diego’s own version of Scott Walker” – look promising.

Alan Grayson: U.S. House, Florida’s 9th District
Known for his pull-no-punches style when he previously represented Florida’s 9th District, Alan Grayson’s return to the campaign trail shows he hasn’t mellowed with time – and that’s a good thing, because, this time around, he also has to fight against voter suppression.

Rep. Martin Heinrich: U.S. Senate, New Mexico
Amid claims of “skewed” polls, Democratic Rep. Martin Heinrich has a strong lead over challenger Heather Wilson in the race to replace New Mexico’s retiring Sen. Jeff Bingaman.

Dan Maffei: U.S. House, New York’s 24th District
Missourian Todd Akin’s views on “legitimate rape” took center stage in the New York 24th District rematch between Tea Party Republican Ann Marie Buerkle and challenger Dan Maffei.

Rick Nolan: U.S. House, Minnesota’s 8th District
When Rick Nolan represented Minnesota’s 6th District for three terms, former Rep. Jim Oberstar called him “the conscience of the Congress.” Nolan’s election to the 8th will take back a piece of Minnesota for the progressive values that help all working families.

Carol Shea-Porter: U.S. House, New Hampshire’s 1st District
In New Hampshire’s 1st District, Carol Shea-Porter may be picking up momentum in her rematch against Rep. Frank Guinta. Shea-Porter benefits from voter dissatisfaction with the incumbent, who has toed the Tea Party line.

Betty Sutton: U.S. House, Ohio’s 16th District
In a bit of redistricting chaos, two incumbents are battling it out for Ohio’s 16th District, Democrat Betty Sutton and Republican Jim Renacci. Republicans drew the new district to favor the reelection of Renacci, but polls have remained neck and neck throughout the race.

Elizabeth Warren: U.S. Senate, Massachusetts
In 2010, Tea Party momentum won Republican Scott Brown the special election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. Two years later, while unquestionably a close race, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren can win the Massachusetts seat back for Democrats.

Previously, 21st Century Democrats endorsed three U.S. Senate candidates running for reelection in 2012: Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Jon Tester of Montana and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York. And all three are under attack by the far right because of their principled stands and effective leadership, and reelection of each of them is critical to keeping the Democratic-led Senate.

21st Century Democrats is a Washington, D.C., based grassroots-oriented political action committee that endorses and helps elect progressive Democrats. In the last 10 years alone, the organization has helped more than 165 candidates in 31 states win election; has employed and trained 475 field organizers and 500 canvassers; and has trained 4,400 activists in the fundamentals of grassroots organizing.

For more information, visit 21stCenturyDems.org.


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